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One of the world’s oldest civilizations can be found in India. The country’s wide range of fascinating handicrafts serve as a showcase for its enormous cultural and ethnic diversity. The handicraft industry in the south Indian state of Karnataka is renowned for its distinctive, traditional masterpieces made from a variety of materials with the aid of intricate motifs and both traditional and cutting-edge techniques. A variety of crafts have been inspired by the dense forests of Karnataka, which are abundant in flora and fauna. Due to the abundant¬† rosewood growth in Karnataka, there is a rich history of beautiful¬† and intricate rosewood inlay work. By transmitting jealously guarded techniques from generation to generation, long-standing customs have been preserved. Due to their lack of exposure to contemporary global culture, these craftsmen have been marginalized by modernization’s onslaught.
Establish craft complexes with amenities like living-cum-work sheds with tools and machinery in areas where craftsmen are concentrated.

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Our tactics are updated in accordance with demand as well as ongoing technological progress in the world. We have a broad list of clients and contacts that we have been working with for many years.By working with designers and other toy manufacturers, we now intend to expand our reach. We want to continue the tradition and improve a lot of people's lives all across the world.

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We are a team of artisans from the Mysore region. Most of our key artisans are knowledgeable. To consistently produce high-quality products, we train the artisans and assist them in honing their craft and talents. We were able to do this by assembling a group of ladies who were encouraging of one another and eager to learn and pass on this new trade. Even so, we made plans for a bus pass so they could travel and urged them to take a trip together.